Always packaged with love was the heading in the Daily Mail YOU magazine, on Sunday 13th December, when a 4 page article featured my business as part of the Buy, Sell, eBay advert. You magazine said “Despite the challenges this year has brought, Britain’s small business owners – such as Elisabeth Smith, have been keeping us smiling. Playing an essential role in bolstering our economy, a growing community of entrepreneurs has been doing its best to spread some love during these difficult times, offering handcrafted gifts and bespoke services that big-brand names simply can’t compete with. However, it’s not just us that stand to benefit. As one independent business owner reveals, shopping small can have a big impact on the lives of the sellers, too.”

This is so true. This year has had a great impact on all our lives, in many ways from Health, physical and mental, to finances, stress and loneliness. Never have we been more in need of support, so when eBay offered me the support my business needed, I jumped at the chance to be involved. Back at the beginning of November, a film and photography crew arrived for a day, in full face masks, and hand sanitizer at the ready!, to show a day in the life of a small business owner. They filmed the day to day running of the business, the family involvement, even the cat! With an interview session and poses for photography I felt like a celebrity. I have appeared in a magazine, with others to follow next year,  a TV ad due out Saturday 19th, and even a radio advert for Capital FM, which I recorded last week.

The opportunity to promote my business, has made a real impact not just on the business but in my confidence, as a person and a business owner. I now readily accept any new opportunities, to help my business grow. It’s vital for people to get to know me personally when they shop from me, being online and not having a store front can be a challenge in getting to know my customers but it has also been a benefit to those who cannot get out to shop. By choosing to shop small, with a business like mine, is like helping a neighbour or a friend, a real person behind the business, who needs you.  Your reviews and feedback help to show others how great our service is, from quick deliveries, fabulous products, to outstanding customer service. so I would really like to thank you, for all your support of my small business, for buying the paper and reading about my small business, for sharing my page and posts, for all the likes and words of encouragement and for ordering from House Of Oscar.



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